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WSYWIG Cleanup in Products
Feature request
Under Review May 30, 2022
flag October 18, 2023

When working in the WSYWIG fields in the Product screens, deleting text doesn’t completely delete the html code. There is an errant (line break) left in the field which is not visible, unless in the Code view. The problem with this invisible code is that there is no indication that it left the line break, until you go look at the Product on your live site. Then you see a Tab for that extra field, which is not supposed to be there. The biggest problem, is that if the user does not realize this is happening, they may never look at the finished product on their site, and not realize that the professionalism of their site, is affected. It’s not a terrible issue, but it is a time waster when doing manual updates on the products because you have to switch back and forth from WSYWIG to Code to make sure things are as you want them to be. It also hurts the professionalism of your site, if you don’t catch it and end up with blank areas due to the empty fields.

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