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Upload/Attach File to Customer Order
Feature request
Under Review June 17, 2022
This would be invaluable to my store! Currently, my store has two types of eProducts - personalized and generic. In order for the order fulfillment process to run smoothly, I need to be able to upload and attach files to a customer's order. This way, when a customer buys generic eProducts, the order status is "New", download links are generated, and no further action is needed on my part. When a customer buys a personalized eProduct, the order status is "New", it is changed to "Processing" as the personalized file is being created. Their file would then be uploaded and attached to their order without needing to create a Hidden eProduct just so their file could be attached to an item so it could be added to their order. Attaching a file directly to their order would save me numerous steps, reduce one-time-use products from filling the database, and make the order process run soooo much smoother!
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