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Under Review May 29, 2022
- Shift4Shop App: It would be amazing to have a Shift4Shop app for iPhones and iPads. You would be able to quickly and easily manage your store's orders, respond to CRM, add/edit products and view stats. Similar to the Etsy Sellers app. - eProduct Variations: The ability to have variations on eProducts would be very helpful. For each variation or option, you could set a price and link product files. For example: an MP3 with two versions could be one product with two variations - 'Acoustic Version' for $3 with File1.mp3, and 'Extended Version' for $4 with File2.mp3. This would prevent the store from being overcrowded with what seems like duplicate products. - Product Options for Waiting List: When customers are added to a product's Waiting List, it would be helpful to know what product options they are waiting for i.e. Customer 1 is waiting for T-Shirt XL Red, Customer 2 is waiting for T-Shirt SM Red, etc. With this info, product can be produced to match what customers want without ha
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