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Multiple distributors linked to inventory
Feature request
Under Review May 06, 2022
We ship most of our stock from our warehouse, but if we are low in stock of an item, we may send an order direct to one of our suppliers and ship it direct from them. The Multiple Distributors app should allow us to do this, and manually select the "distributor" to send from, but it then takes the number of items dropshipped away from our inventory figure and so this becomes inaccurate and not a true representation of what we have in our warehouse. Due to this we cannot use the app. It would be great (essential almost) to have an option to "link dropshipped items to the inventory" or not. If we used the app at present the user would have to go into each product item and make a manual inventory adjustment which is wide open for human error. Dropshipping like this is the lifeblood of our type of ecommerce, where customers do not expect to wait for use to get the parts in and then ship them out again, but it is useless if it corrupts our inventory data like this.
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