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May 08, 2023

Release Notes 13.1.4

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The latest version of the software is now available. Please find the notes for this version below. Your store will be updated based on the ongoing release schedule.


  • Options Value- Enhanced our product, view cart, and check out pages to reflect proper signs (either + or - ) to avoid merchant/customer confusion.
  • Image Rendering  - The Cloudflare Image Resizing will now be applied over images served in home and category pages as well. Before, it was only applied on images used by thumbnail.asp, but regular image references will now be fetched from Cloudflare. This will help reduce the load on the servers and provide a faster page load experience. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Color-Swatch- Fixed an issue where color swatch options on images weren't saving unless clicked on several times. Color options are now loading properly on the first attempt.
  • Product Comparison-Fixed an issue where the product comparison module wasn't loading information and causing the site to freeze. The module is now running comparison as should without causing delayed speeds or site freeze. 
  • API- Fixed a 400 error response on the API V2 version when trying to update customer groups on customer records.  The API is now returning correct responses. 
  • Phone Orders- Fixed an issue when selecting a product with the required options. The base price wasn't adjusted to the advance option price on the first attempt. Phone order options are now calculating pricing as should.

  • I.P import- Fixed an issue where the import button wasn't showing on the IP Security page when there were no entries. Merchants can now import without having any entries in there.
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